About me

I am a contemporary artist focusing mostly on abstract expressionist painting and digital art. My working process could best be described as an intuitive multilayered flow in which feelings and subconscious images freely interact with the surrounding reality.

I get my inspiration from my surroundings, both the nature and man made environments. My themes are often manifested through strong colours and textures and the constant dialogue between shadow and light.

I live and work in Helsinki, Finland. I have studied painting and drawing in Helsinki Atelier of Representational Art (HERA) 2020-2023. I have participated in many group exhibitions in Helsinki, and both physical and virtual group exhibitions around the world (England, Italy, USA, Poland). 

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Contact me at:
suzup (at) protonmail.com

Memberships: Helsingin Taideyhdistys ry

Current and upcoming exhibitions:

Syksy kuiskaa, Group Exhibition. 15th August – 3rd September 2023. Kaapelitehdas/Puristamo, Helsinki.

Past Exhibitions

Artwork portfolio

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